Survival server is now open!

For builders only. Ask for a staff member to whitelist you.

Here are the rules for this season:
1. It is a community-style server, as usual. Collaboration is highly encouraged.
2. No griefing/stealing/cheating is allowed. Anyone caught doing it is permanently banned until the world resets.
3. PvP is allowed as long as all parties consent. Unsolicited killing is punishable with a permanent ban.
4. Pranks are acceptable, as long as the victim is responsibly informed and the prank is reversible. If not, it is a violation of rule 2.
5. Saying "I didn't know the rules" is not an acceptable excuse. By playing on the server, you have agreed that you understand the rules and the consequences, and that you will abide by them. That is the only responsibility you have, and the easiest way to get banned is to be irresponsible. Make sure you have completely read the rules!

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