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Legofreak's Recent Projects - Legofreak - 08-07-2015

Here are some things that I've made recently that I haven't really bothered making their own threads.

Conway's Game of Life:
[Image: cwgol_zpswgijpqcc.gif]

Cells are 11x11x12 for basic functionality or 11x11x15 when it has reset lines and the random seed generator attached to the bottom.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.34.10_zpsqilkpzbs.png]

Does this confuse you?
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.35.14_zpsiuuuvtjc.png]


"Pachelbel's Canon in D" loop player:
One of my stupid loop players.... at least it sounds nice
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.38.08_zpsomdhhfn3.png]


Hexadecimal Logic Unit:
This one takes two hexadecimal digits, decodes each of them into binary, runs the binary through a logic unit and then adds the result back up into hex. It uses a hex digit as the truth table as well so you can select any logic gate to use.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.38.37_zpsurbwmt1o.png]

Trying to make the LU a little smaller...
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.39.36_zpsewqkoobq.png]


This is a game I used to play as a kid. One person picks a sequence of 3 colors. The other person tries to guess it based on the hints from the guesses. White and black markers show how many colors are in the right or wrong place. I only have win detection, sorta, and no lose detection. Nothing really happens when you guess it besides a few note blocks play.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.05.01_zpsm3kqddla.png]

It's not terribly huge but I feel like it could be more compact. Also this is a small board for this game. Hex would allow me to expand to any reasonable size.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.43.02_zps81yn1zlw.png]

The logic under this thing is a bit of a mess but it seems to work perfectly. I'm surprised how well this turned out when this whole thing came together in 2 days.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.44.03_zpsn3704afv.png]

[Image: 2015-08-06_23.43.50_zpsytwnl0ly.png]


1x1 pixel 16x16 touch screen:
kinda useless. half of it has memory.  I'm too lazy to flip it and fill the flip flops with items. Why wont WE copy items in droppers?  Angry
[Image: 2015-08-03_13.09.59_zpsrwty4xxp.png]


stackable hex2bin for a new 2x2 pixel serial hex image receiver.
[Image: analog%20binary%20synced_zpsxjda9kbw.gif]

The new image receiver(top left and bottom center) buffers the whole signal up the side and then loads the entire image at the same time.
The old version(bottom right) had 4x4 pixels because I used newo's hex2bin which has 4 wide outputs.
They both take the same image protocol so you can hook either of them to the same sender.
[Image: smiley_zpsin9aqwie.png]


RE: Legof(Rek)'s Recent Projects - Legofreak - 08-07-2015

Klub Immortal:
I felt like making a night club
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.18.36_zps7mz8cyva.png]

[Image: 2015-08-06_23.19.39_zpslmnzqcyw.png]

[Image: 2015-08-06_23.19.54_zpsztxosv5e.png]

[Image: 2015-08-06_23.20.05_zpsurahctye.png]

view from lounge
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.20.33_zpssijic7x2.png]

hallway to dance floor. code on wall opens door to music machine
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.21.17_zpsqkmznlqb.png]

Dance floor. Music... flashing lights... beach theme... I have no idea why.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.21.53_zpsjk1g145g.png]

Drop the beat every once in a while for a little fun.
[Image: 2015-08-06_23.22.28_zpswzlc0hup.png]


Wow that was a lot... I suppose i can just keep putting random crap in this thread now. My own personal zombie thread...

RE: Legof(Rek)'s Recent Projects - Legofreak - 08-07-2015

60 key hex keyboard:
you can either output the raw 6-bit or create a 3 pin wire using 2 digital and one analog line to run to a decoder. the 2 bits represent which row, and the hex is the distance from one side to the button you press.
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.46.28_zpsd9ttlyf9.png]


Programmable music player:
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.47.49_zpsukzpnltn.png]

you get 7 slots for loops and 14 lines of torch PROM to play the loops
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.47.18_zpswtcq4qns.png]


4-bit ALU with hex innards
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.49.55_zpszrvjw7e4.png]

uses the hex LU I posted earlier and a hex AU and I multiplexed them to get an ALU! Tongue
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.48.49_zpssuy23fbx.png]

its a strange beast
[Image: 2015-08-07_11.49.45_zpspqbo0vbm.png]

RE: Legof(Rek)'s Recent Projects - LordDecapo - 08-09-2015


RE: Legof(Rek)'s Recent Projects - Legofreak - 08-13-2015

HDD concept using a comparator chain.  (32 comparators)/(2 ticks per hex digit)=16 hex digits=64 bits
now that comparators dont freeze when unloaded, this has some potential but is still kinda slow

[Image: hex%20mem_zpskykzb43z.gif]

also I felt like making a alphanumeric display... Hex ROM is nice and compact Tongue
[Image: 2015-08-15_01.12.50_zpss9oqfmtx.png]

RE: Legofreak's Recent Projects - tokumei - 08-18-2015

me gusta

RE: Legofreak's Recent Projects - Chibill - 08-18-2015

So fancy!

RE: Legofreak's Recent Projects - newomaster - 08-19-2015

Wow! So much stuff. Good job Big Grin

RE: Legofreak's Recent Projects - Legofreak - 08-19-2015

Yeah... my 1.8 plot filled up pretty quick... its just too bad I got closed in before I could get a double plot.

RE: Legofreak's Recent Projects - Back_and_Black1 - 08-25-2015

(08-19-2015, 05:51 PM)Legofreak Wrote: Yeah... my 1.8 plot filled up pretty quick... its just too bad I got closed in before I could get a double plot.

I can relate to you in this... It's sad lol