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Organize and refocus PoL - jxu - 06-06-2020

Type: General

Change Petitioned For: (Re)organize PoL to be easier to search and navigate and reconsider what we put in it

Reasons for change: 
PoL started off as a compact plot with the community's basic logic gate and larger component (adder, ALU, etc) designs. 
Over time PoL has grown to encompass more and more builds. While the overall quality of builds has remained high, nowadays PoL somewhat acts like a community showcase for large builds.

My proposed changes:
1. Reorganize PoL using warps to different sections. There are currently 8 main areas which kinda look the same when flying around. Currently doing /warp pol takes you underneath the blue cube and you need to fly around to figure out what you are looking for. What is most useful for people is small gate designs which are reached using /warp pol2. There is also /warp pol-alu which is only searchable by flying around and reading small signs. For example if I want to look for diagonal CCA where do I fly to? A lot of diagonal stuff kinda looks like it. There is so much good stuff in PoL but it needs to be organized. I propose having warps for each section such as /warp pol-gates, /warp pol-cca, /warp pol-vert-ram, etc.

2. Refocus what we have in PoL. We need to decide if we want PoL to be a showcase for big builds or not. People can reasonably use small logic gates or adders in their builds but when getting to large things like CPUs and graphics stuff then they are more there for showcase then for others to use. The reasoning is that if I copy someone's entire CPU or line drawer then what is the originality of my build? ALUs are kinda in between where if you use someone else's ALU then your build still is lacking somewhat in originality. I am in favor of keeping PoL for smaller builds and not having a dedicated showcase area. Most large builds are showcased on their owner's plot and custom warps make it easy to navigate to. But if there is a showcase area then it should be separate from the area where people would reasonably copy designs from.

Reasons for no change (optional but recommended):
1. People may be used to the current warps and organization if they visit a lot. (off topic: I also think the grassy theme with vines and stone bridges design is very ugly. The trees and water are distracting and just look out of place)
2. People may disagree with me on the purpose of PoL. They may say it's ok to have it be a showcase area. I ask who decides what is showcase worthy? Is it Data? He hasn't been on in a month ingame and idk what his forum account is. There are some entire CPUs and giant builds I don't think anyone even looks at.