[Student] Application
Minecraft name: FattyBatman3456

What do you hope to learn?: I'm very interested in redstone builds and would be very excited to learn how to make different types of calculators or computers and learn how they work. I've been trying to learn about it but it's just harder for me to learn off a video because they can't answer any direct questions I have.

What past experience (if any) do you have in redstone?: I just recently made a calculator that only adds numbers together from 1-9. It took 5 hours to make but it is my first giant redstone build. I have also learned quite a few circuits. As well as basic, more compact, advanced logic gates, and I know too much about piston doors but am hoping to gain loads of experience building computers and different calculator designs.

Do you agree with the rules?: I have read through them thoroughly and do agree.
Accepted! Hop on the server at sc.openredstone.org and you should be all setup. Ask a Staff member for assistance if you do not have your [Student] rank!
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