School Server Applicaton
Minecraft name: Relocity (nexxar is old account)

What do you hope to learn?: I am hoping to learn more about binary and what are the uses for it. Another thing I would like to learn is how to make a redstone computer and also learn how it works. The final thing I would like to learn is how to use a adder in a more advanced redstone creation.

What past experience (if any) do you have in redstone?: I have a decent amount of pass experience of redstone. I am able to build a 4 bit adder and I understand how it works. I also know about binary and I know how to add with binary and I know how to convert numbers in base 10 to binary numbers which is base 2

Do you agree with the rules?: Yes, I strongly agree with the rules
This application is for student
Accepted! Hop on the server at and you should be all setup. Ask a Staff member for assistance if you do not have your [Student] rank!

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