Survival is Back
Hello all,

Survival is back. I personally set it back up to... stop some shenanigans with an "unofficial" official thing.

Anyway, I had a few thoughts about this and wanted community input:
  • There is a world border with a radius of two thousand blocks. This is to encourage people from running off and doing their own thing so they can play with other members.
  • PvP is disabled, so hopefully people work together.
  • I mentioned a bi-monthly map reset that will turn off the old server, backup the old map, modify the seed for custom generation. This will also require some community input on what to do differently for the next iteration of survival, be it amplified off, pvp on, and the like.
  • I also mentioned the ability to client-side mute other servers on the survival server, because sometimes people just want to chill and play without being berated by unrelated chat.
I want to get some community input on this as I don't want survival to flicker in and out as it used to.

[Image: Nickster258.png]

sounds neato to me

so im assuming this means we dont need to wait until survival is 'dead' to push for modded, either?

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