Full signal strength out CCA
Well, not quite full, but its 13-14, depending where you take the output from.


What you are looking is the part that allows for full strength output.
How it works: The carry logic outputs a 3 strength min. signal, which reaches the comparator immediately, starting its "calculation", but 1 tick later, when the comparator would output that signal strength, the same signal arrives through the repeater, so the output signal strength is the full signal output by the repeater. Essentially the repeated signal goes through instantaneously, unless the comparator side is powered.

This particular adder is 4 ticks, I know you can get prectically the same result with a 3 tick CCA and a repeater, but this very same logic could be applied to that one, to have a 3 tick full strength adder.

Disclaimer: I have not tested it extensively, but it seems to be working fine Wink
Looks unsynced.
Yea, it is... I would have never imagined that some redstone algorithm can be soo finicky... I mean, when you design a redstone algorithm, one of the key requirements is that it be reliable, if it works, it has to work the same way if the inputs (and their timings) remain the same no matter what, even if it has some unintended quirks to it... Its like a huge mess

Anyway, lesson learned, never use this trick, and always properly make sure things work before posting it

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