Poll: Should griefing be allowed?
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Should griefing be allowed?
Currently, griefing is allowed on survival. I have outlined why I think this is a bad idea here. https://forum.openredstone.org/showthrea...3#pid56023 

I like to think that, after the excitement over the new server (and its activity) has died down, people might reconsider adding protection plugins or even just making griefing against the rules.
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I voted yes to griefing because banning griefing doesn't really bring the community together. People/groups still just do do their own thing or move far away. Not many community structures get made to warrant a universal no griefing rule. If your concern is community structures getting griefed, a no griefing rule is not the best way to deal with that. The best way is to have a rule of no griefing community builds. It would be at the admins' discretion if a build is for the community.

You state that after the excitement is over, people might consider putting in protection plugins. However, I find it to be much more exciting to have griefing and PVP allowed. And as far as griefing bases go, it's not that hard to make a hidden base. Since people will mostly do their own thing whether griefing is allowed or not, it doesn't matter whether that base is far away or not. It's not like allowing griefing completely divides the community. There's still groups of people that work together. Not everyone wants to be in the same group as everyone else.

This applies to the survival server. If we have a modded server, maybe that should be no griefing so people can learn how to use the mods safely and not have to worry too much about getting raided. I'd be fine either way, though.
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Not voting in this poll since I probably won't play on the server, but my old school used to run a server with an interesting rule towards griefing: If the player who's stuff you're griefing is currently online, or has been online in the past 10-15 minutes, then you're allowed to grief it (handled with plugins iirc, the 10-15 minute unprotection period after logout to force fights). Basically, this maximizes the gameplay of pvp and raiding without players having to worry too much about being logged in constantly to defend their structures (what's the fun in waking up in the morning and finding your stuff was destroyed at the ungodly hour of 5 am?). This sort of mechanic led to lots of castles, walls/moats, fights, and generally good times.

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