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FunCommands - Chibill - 02-16-2015

Okay. So you know our FunCommands like /derp and /huzza. Which are currently built into OREUtils well now I introduce you to FunCommands the java plugin replacement for it.

Extract it into the plugin folder after removing all older versions first. THE ONLY FILE YOU SHOULD EVER TOUCH IS Derp.txt
Change Log
Version 1.0.0
 -Added /derp, /derps, /fun, /funs.
Version 1.1.0
 -Removed /fun
 -Added in Dynamic Command Register
Version 1.1.1
 -Fix Permissions on all Commands that are Dynamically Registered.
Version 1.1.2
 -Added /foodfight and /slap there permissions is the same as /funs and all fun commands
Version 1.3.0
-Added /add with permission
-Added /remove with permission
-Added /approve and /aprove-all with permission
-Added /deny and /deny-all with permission
-Change storage of commands to .json.
Version 1.3.1
-Fixed my misspelling within the Commands.json.
Version 1.3.2
-Fixed two commands that always returned there was usage. Even when right.
Version 1.3.4
-Made it so if in Survival or Adventure mode /foodfight does not give you food.

Comments are great if you have any..

How to write new commands:

Okay to right new commands ingame you need to run /add

with a arguments in the following format.
{"Command": "the_command","Output": "Anything","Description": "A Description"}

To get more functions use the following:
<n>        - Inserts the sender's name
<a-INT>    - Inserts arg<INT> Only works for arg 0 and arg 1
<t>        - Send only to the sender
<r>        - Run as a command executed by the sender
<s>        - Run as a command executed by console-Only people with a upper permission can do this.

in regartes to <r> and <s> everything after them are used as the command. Anything before them are used as normal.

A good way to make sure the JSON is okay is here.

RE: FunCommands - Nickster258 - 02-16-2015


RE: FunCommands - Chibill - 02-16-2015

Going to be adding the few commands I missed that were hard coded in OREUtils tomorrow. Also I will be fixing most of my color problems in the Commands.txt

RE: FunCommands - Apuly - 02-16-2015

Perhaps add a command to add commands, if you're looking into actually publishing this on the bukkit thing.

RE: FunCommands - Nickster258 - 02-16-2015

(02-16-2015, 11:02 AM)paulydboy Wrote: Perhaps add a command to add commands, if you're looking into actually publishing this on the bukkit thing.


RE: FunCommands - Chibill - 02-16-2015

Well I was going to add that but I don't want to publish it to bukkit till it gets it self really because of how it works.

RE: FunCommands - PabloDons - 02-16-2015

make it so that members can make commands and then see what happens

RE: FunCommands - Chibill - 02-16-2015

Okay I can try that but I have to make sure they can't create a command with <s> in it as they could run any command as the console then.....

RE: FunCommands - PabloDons - 02-16-2015

if string_contains($theinput, "<s>"): err(0); die();
or however it is in java

RE: FunCommands - Chibill - 02-16-2015

Pablo I will work on that later today for you. I also just implemented the food fight and slap commands.