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RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-31-2015

I like the spline-y look of the Repeater lines. looks like ribbon cables when you have to cram them in a space that they dont want to fit in Tongue

Edit: Recently I've been trying out sequential hex multiplication. So far I've assembled the circuitry to cross multiply two 4-digit hex numbers. Now I just need to figure out how to add the outputs together to get the final result.

inputs. each digit goes to 4 of the 16 single digit multipliers
[Image: cross%20hex%20input_zpskclbfgdq.png]

something around 48,000 blocks
[Image: cross%20hex%20axial_zpsdchmzdfj.png]

All I need to do is figure a way to add the outputs together. the digits' denominations are sorted by color.
red=least, magenta=greatest
8 digits max FFFF*FFFF=FFFE0001
[Image: cross%20hex%20output_zpst6lsant7.png]

I might need to make a thread for this...

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-01-2015

Damn, that looks nice, all you need is to add the remaining digits? I'm kind of stuck on how i should do the input, whether to have shifting memory cells on the back as a queue or to have a seperate queue to bus it in based on the function. just got 1 of the inputs timed so now i need to alter the rest and finish adding the reset wires, and then I'm where your at now, adding all the digits to make the output.

[Image: dSn8pcI.png]

[Image: 6iWlMoj.png]

quartz slabs lead to the reset inputs on the calcs

Current stats:
1480 repeaters
5474 comparators (with 96 more to add)
6658 dust
65 torches
613 hoppers

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - LordDecapo - 02-04-2015

Call me dumb. But what do u do to find out how much of each item you have.. did u just WE a copy then do replace for each item and look at how many blocks it says it changed?

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Chibill - 02-04-2015

Make it a schematic and use mcedit????

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-04-2015

Open it in WE and select it all, on the toolbar where you find copy and cut you will also see analyze, this will tell you how many of each, some things it will give multiples, just add them, comparator and hoppers are also listed under entities and show the full count.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 02-04-2015

I just select it all in MC and use //count

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - LordDecapo - 02-04-2015

Omg... there is a //count command... Omg I must try this on IizR12 xD

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-09-2015

okay, well i'm slightly dissapointed no one pointed out my 1st input multiplier was way smaller. This oversized signal adjuster was more to show one of the simpler and larger ways to manipulate signal, but this is a slower way since i need to wait a few ticks for the values to flow into it, in reality it can be done with programmed loops. this way is faster because instead of lining up all the 2 tick inputs and splitting it, I simply use a self subtracting clock and have it subtract 2 each cycle and have 1 input trigger if the clock is 2 or more and have the other input if it is 1 or more. So when i multiply by 9 the input that triggers on 2 will input 4 times and the other will trigger 5. This method is faster also because the input starts once the multiplier is pulsed in so no other triggers are needed.

[Image: XkcCV4t.png]

Orange input is for the digit value and green input is for the multiplier clock. the other pics the colors are switched, sorry about that if it caused any confusion.

[Image: s6ccXx6.png]

[Image: 87WfoVu.png]

This is more my style, doing the same function with fewer pieces. This same clock can be used to select specific Roms for unloading using more signal manipulation, I have a few setup already to unload 4 chosen rom #'s, I can subtract 4 per cycle to use an input of 15 to select rom's 15,11,7 and 3 in that order, i use a look ahead decoder to trigger the 0 so it will look for the number before 0 in your set, in this case it would be 4 since an input 12 would select 12,8,4 and 0, and have a 4 trigger the 0 right after.

[Image: sbU7JLp.png]

[Image: nnuTpVn.png]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-09-2015

I hooked up the new multiplier input, both inputs can be pushed in at the same time and the reset is encoded for a soft reset when input with a 1, this will reset just the orange input memory, or a hard reset when input with a 2, this will clear orange memory and the adder and carry memory clearing the calculator. And instead of using 4 dual calculators for a 4 digit multiplier i'm going to use 1 dual calculator for every 2 digit multiplier otherwise the carry ram is only ever half-used.

[Image: iuq5fs5.png]

so if i stack 2 of these and have the top calculate the 1st and 3rd multiplier and the bottom does 2nd and 4th, and they work independently so they are not waiting for the other half, the only time it should take 20 ticks is if the multiplier has 9's in both the 1st and 3rd or in both the 2nd and 4th, otherwise a multiplier like 1991 will only take 10 ticks because once it multiplies the 1 it will go onto the 9 right away. these tick estimates are not including travel time, just input and calculation time.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Chibill - 02-09-2015

Is this a multiplier or an add?