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RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

Made a 2 tick hex to binary converter to redeem that slow one, but now i can decode fast enough to burn out torches, any solutions?

[Image: gNNHjoR.png]

[Image: NAK3R7S.png]

[Image: PJ7C8g1.png]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-25-2015

then dont use torches...
[Image: torchless%20hex%20to%20bin_zpsw1oayd8c.png]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

but i wanna use the rest of this, since it's 2 tick synced, i can even send a solid 6 hex serial bus into it and it will keep up, it won't burnout unless you do 7 2 tick pulses iirc, so it essentially converts 1 wire hex to parallel binary.

[Image: DfO22kM.png]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-25-2015

So does the front one in my picture. It's a 2 tick synced torchless hex to binary. technically 4 ticks if you count the input comparator and output repeaters. but the logic is just 2 ticks. It can run at maximum speed indefinitely without burning out.

it has long dust lines and as the power goes along it enables and disables comparators that are OR'd together for each output.
[Image: ana2bin2block_zps91e5684e.png]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

well damn, the print makes it so simple...

but i'm still gonna use this until the torches become an issue, the only way to burn 1 out is to alternate that signal 7 times, since each number has their own torches. I just tested it with a 19 hex signal and it was pretty nice to see it in action.

[Image: QrJfwF7.gif]

[Image: Y7PQh5m.gif]

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-25-2015

I have to say though, it looks like a handy design for random torch decoders. You could use it for various ROMS

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

Indeed, or even a music player, although that would use alot of alternating signals. Might go torchless for that.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

borrowed an alternate to torches or pistons from my hard drive, so here is a solid state version so i don't need yours =P except yours looks a little shorter maybe, I'll probably make one off those plans too sometime

[Image: 2ACo0dt.png]

You can carry the signals over and under and use this as an input/output selector

[Image: 60e8zZo.png]

Or make this into a 16 byte rom card with 2 hex outputs per input

[Image: ST2Ep6x.png]

I will probably replace my hopper/dropper versions of this selector on my Hard drive, it'd reduce 2-3 ticks and i wouldn't have to lengthen the signal a tick in that decoder

And in case you haven't realized what i'm all about. Hex, Signal Manipulation, Compact, Comparator, seamless stackables and tilables are what i go for in almost every build, and solid state and torchless are a goal too from time to time.

[Image: bfKDrdH.png]

My only regret is that it doesn't need any more comparators.. yet.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-31-2015

sorry i got off track, had to add a few more things to my to do list... but i want to make this complete as far as this function and start working on add-on functions. So. WARNING: this build may contain analog signals and signal manipulation. you may see a comparator.

[Image: 2oenpiR.png]

Haven't labeled the wires yet, i got a single version of this working so i decided to proceed with making a 10 digit version, this will split a solid analog signal between 2 adders, adjusting the length of the solid signal to match the multiplier x 2 ticks. so any number x9 will be an 18 tick pulse of that value and will be split.

[Image: 4aWatYg.png]

after i get the pieces together some adjustments may be necessary but i have some room to adjust, this isn't even the smallest way to do this, i just haven't been able to play with comparators for a week. iii.... think i'll be adding some more comparators and labeling the wires before my next post.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-31-2015

after posting, I noticed i guessed the spacing wrong, so it was too compact, after a bit of stretching and flexing it fits the decimal adder. now using 6 digits for each tracer (light blue) wire, making this a 12 digit input max. Dark green are the pulsers to input. light green is the multiplier value, acting as a hold to limit the length of the input.

[Image: zCWwBJ1.png]

[Image: acpHUBx.png]

[Image: rE9d6iU.png]

Sometimes things fit better than i could've planned, with 4 of them cascaded like this, the max multiplication is 12 digits x 4 digits.