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RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-20-2015

I think you are addicted to comparators as much as I am...

It's been a long time since I made my sequential hex adder but it wasn't nearly this fast...

I think mine was a 2 tick pulse every 8 ticks. overclocking caused carry issues. I never bothered synchronizing it cuz it kinda hurt my brain at the time.

Recently, I've been trying to imagine combinational multiplication but it all seems enormous in my head.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-20-2015

If you only knew how far I went to find you... no one comparators to you and I when it comes to compares. I don't think i would've came here if i hadn't heard of you from greatgamer on reddit, i mean i knew of this place a long time ago but I was more survival redstone than redstone computing back then. oh, and when i first joined my imgur account only showed a limited amount i guess, so i upgraded and now all 55 albums show.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-21-2015

Well... I finally got my hexadecimal version compacted and sped up, i THINK i got it down to a 2 tick input every 4 ticks like my base 2 to 15 version, i had it adding 2, starting at 1 so it would always carry a 1 and count up in odd numbers, and it didn't seem to slip, not sure how i was able to do it with the extra logic needed, to get a base 16 signal strength for comparison i had to disconnect the carry if the value is 0, since 16 is too big for a single digit, and i had to add 1 to the pla to make it proper. The being said, it felt like i was going in circles for hours, spinning all the wire to try and fit it without any extra pieces or crossed wires. I gotta go to work soon but if anyone would like schematics, just let me know and i will make them after work.

[Image: oo5HkGb.png]

the orignal was 9 x 7 x 6 and the new one is 8 x 6 x 6, i guess it only looks way smaller because it has no carry ram, not sure how it stacks yet either.

Edit: crap, just noticed i forgot to put a solid block instead of the first lamp, so the lights are off by 1... meaning it's even and it was slipping, so it can add every 6 ticks, i knew something was off, not sure if anything can be cut down from there.

edit 2: k, well it isn't slipping but when adding evens, it doesn't jump from 14 to 0 before going past it up to 15, but it will maintain even/odd over the carry so this could still be a 4 tick throughput hopefully.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - LordDecapo - 01-22-2015

(01-12-2015, 04:45 AM)Apocryphan Wrote: Thank you Big Grin the base can be adjusted using the hoppers, I haven't tested it but I'm sure this will go down as low as binary and up to base 15, hexadecimal needed some extra logic wires but i will add that to this post when i get home on an hour, might wait to post until tomorrow after i can wire up the carries so it's ready for copypasta!

Redstone and hex, is base 16 Wink

Also I do lIke this thing, great job Big Grin
All those comparators, remind me of the 16 digit Hex CLE that Aft and I made. I think (with inverters on B input for subtraction) is like a 15 tick total adder for equivillent to 64 binary bits.
haven't touched in in a long while tho.. as I'm more of a binary person rather then hex XD

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-22-2015

Yea i know redstone is base 16 but a value of 15 will only make it base 15 so i had to disconnect the carry at 0 so adding 15 wouldn't carry and adjust the inverse +1 to get the proper carry, otherwise the pla for a value of 1 would show 14 even though its 15.

And i saw what you and aft made, very impressive cle.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-22-2015

To clarify further, i just needed a signal strength value of 16 to find the look ahead which is why extra logic was required, this isn't an issue when using hex binary because you make 16 with a 5th bit.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-23-2015

Aaaand i just i realized that I can't use the same carry add wire to combine the Hex Multiplier that i used for the other because it needs that same pseudo SS16 logic for inverting to get the pla. shouldnt be hard but it means a few more ticks to the end, at worse an extra 4 ticks to output but doesn't affect the Calculation speed for the digits.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Legofreak - 01-23-2015

I'm not sure how you have it set up but you shouldn't need a theoretical ss16 for carrying on a base 16 multiplier.

Lets say you have a current value of 14(E) and you add 7. You check if 14(E) + (7-1)=15(F). If true, subtract the inverse of the current value (~14=1) from (7-1), set that as the current value of that digit(6-1=5) and carry 1 to the next. Otherwise, add 7 to current value.

X0 = output digit memory value
Y = repeated input value
~X = compliment
B = base number

if (X0 + (Y - 1)>=B)
X0 = (Y - 1) - ~X0, X1 = X1 + 1;
X0 = X0 + Y;

I'm pretty sure that's how I made mine...

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-23-2015

I see what you did there, instead of adjusting the look ahead +1 you just did -1 to the input.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 01-25-2015

Made a hex to binary converter out of the carry adder, not the fastest, more for shits n giggles, 8 ticks aint bad though, but outputs aren't synced, outputs highest to lowest.

[Image: KUJnBeD.png]

And i altered the input -1 and it will properly carry except for a carry 0, It's still synced since i just split the input wires, I've watched it and the reset happens at the same time the carry is input like it should, but for some reason the 1 tick balance catches the PLA and adjusts it to 1 instead of 0, every time no matter if its 15 + 1 or 8 + 8, and delaying the reset would probably affect the rest =/

I have the one with the adjusted pla for now, it was worth a shot though.