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2 KiB memory - MelvinS4_ - 01-04-2014

While messing around with my previous item based memroy I made a realization as how to cram as much data as possible into a single inventory of items. This memory is far more compact than my previous one, with a capacity of 44 bytes per cell instead of 18 (see note at bottom). One cell has the dimensions of 2*3*6, giving it a ridiculous memory density. This design also has a faster read time, despite there being more data read at a time.

I am currently designing the read/write part of the memory. It will load a memory cell into a temporary storage similar to ordinary RAM. Writing will be done at the same time as reading; when a new memory cell is loaded it will rewrite the old memory cell with the data stored in temporary storage.

Since this device is based on my previous item memory design (which can be found here) it is also infinitely expandable (to the point of items despawning due to travel time that is).

Note about memory density:
It is possible to fit in a extra 5.25 bytes of data into each memory cell, however this will the read time at least four times as long and would make the read/write device far more complex. I've decided to discard these bytes since the cost of adding them is to high.

RE: 2 KiB memory - Chibill - 01-05-2014

Have you seen my system on how it works using this can make both run better and have larger storage if we work together.

RE: 2 KiB memory - MelvinS4_ - 01-06-2014

I've been working for a few days now trying to come up with a proper read/write system... however it seems I'm not up to the task. I'm now looking for help with designing this. Any support is welcome.

RE: 2 KiB memory - Chibill - 01-06-2014

You can use mine maybe.

the read and write

RE: 2 KiB memory - MelvinS4_ - 01-12-2014

After tearing my hair for several days trying to come up with a working system I finally gave up on coming up with some miraculous read/write device and decided to use a modified version of my old one. The thing is ENORMOUS (about the size of a whole redstone computer) but when you remember that it's 2 KiB it's not really that bad. For those who want to see it, it is the huge thing made of light gray wool on my plot.

RE: 2 KiB memory - Iceglade - 01-13-2014

This actually sounds really neat, do you have any idea of the slowest case?

RE: 2 KiB memory - MelvinS4_ - 01-13-2014

Let's see...

88 stacks of 16 items read at 4 ticks per item. To be safe let's say it takes 20 seconds for the items to travel to the reader. It would then take 4 ticks per item per hopper to travel to the last dropper. There are about 100 hoppers.

This adds up to about 600 seconds, but let's say 700 to be on the safe side. That is for reading a memory cell of 44 bytes.

When reading a single byte it will take at most 30 seconds, but probably a bit faster.

It is worthy to note that my design is in no way optimised; there is a lot of room for improvement.