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application - lduck11007 - 02-11-2019

Minecraft name: pvstanec

What do you hope to learn?:
I hope to learn more about the computational side of redstone, perhaps making CPUs or something down the line.

What past experience (if any) do you have in redstone?:
I am relatively well experienced with redstone, although I have no large or real project to show for it, aside from builds that I will occasionally make on community servers or such.
From a younger age, minecraft redstone was a stepping stone to boolean logic, and eventually to the wider area of computer science. I have dabbled around topics such as emulation and CPU design, and so I would be interested in learning as to how CPUs are constructed in minecraft.

Do you agree with the rules?: Yes

application - Koyarno - 02-11-2019

Accepted! Hop on the server at and you should be all setup. Ask a Staff member for assistance if you do not have your [Student] rank!