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Nickster258 namechange - LordDecapo - 09-13-2018

Type: Expedited
Change Petitioned For: Nickster258 to change his mojang IGN to Shitster69
Reasons for change: I mean come-on... he is a shitster.
Reasons for no change (optional but recommended): Absolutely none

RE: Nickster258 namechange - StackDoubleFlow - 09-13-2018

Yes !

RE: Nickster258 namechange - VoltzLive - 09-13-2018

If I could vote twice I would.

RE: Nickster258 namechange - Alex_you - 09-14-2018

o fuck yea

RE: Nickster258 namechange - Matthew - 09-14-2018

im going to ignore the fact that this is a total rip off of what i did 2 days ago


RE: Nickster258 namechange - JeremyG - 09-14-2018

can I fast track this to just go through immediately?

RE: Nickster258 namechange - LordDecapo - 09-14-2018

(09-14-2018, 12:57 AM)JeremyG Wrote: can I fast track this to just go through immediately?

share it everywhere, and in all the channels

RE: Nickster258 namechange - zSwifty - 09-14-2018

This plan will make a better future for the ore server, and bring balance to the galaxy, as all things should be.
Nickster shall fall to the hands of Lord Decapo and Capo shall rise as ultra supreme leader of all worlds. Redstone i petition next for ore to take over, then we shall move heavy forces to stym and make an empire. Oinkcraft will then fail to stand against us as they are inferior

RE: Nickster258 namechange - tyler569 - 09-14-2018


RE: Nickster258 namechange - marwenn - 09-14-2018

yes ! i thonk very !!!!