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***FREE*** COMP ARCH BOOK! - greatgamer34 - 06-28-2018

Okay so I have been often requested to link people for a university book on Computer Architecture so to be a good soul I will:

its pretty cheap....

But I have something thats free:

This is an older version of that amazon book and if you skip to chapter 6 (goes over pipelining in 10 sections about 10 pages each)you should be set!

Here is another link, its the newest version on github:

RE: ***FREE*** COMP ARCH BOOK! - Chibill - 06-29-2018


I will be like uploading scanned pages of an old Build your own computer book.

RE: ***FREE*** COMP ARCH BOOK! - Matthew - 06-29-2018

Here are a few other nice things 

"Inside The Machine"
Carnegie Computer Architecture Lectures 
Carnegie's current class material 

before you ask yes i prefer men