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Redoing of EthOREnet! - Splavacado100 - 06-22-2017

Fuck it. If I'm doing this, I'm going to do it right. That being said, eOn will be constructed totally different. Here's the stats:

Each person will get a station, with an IP and Mac Address, in the format of xx:aaaa, where xx is the IP and aaaa is the Mac Address. The I/O system will contain all the levers for the IP:Mac, as well as buttons Connect, Disconnect, Accept, and Decline. This means that there will be data specifically used for the communication protocol. You can still use the reserved data for manual setup, but the button will perform the protocol automatically. The data is one byte, and based on the ASCII tables. Of course, not all data will be used, but at the minimum, it will be a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. 0000 0000, 0000 0001, 0000 0010 is the request, accept, and decline, respectively. The Mac Address 1111 will be reserved on all IPs for broadcast to entire IP. Examples:

(after connection protocol)
10 1111 0100 0001-sending "a" to all users on IP 2
11 1011 0101 0011-sending "S" to user 11 on IP 3

Please Comment with any questions!

RE: EthOREnet - LordDecapo - 06-22-2017

I know of his network if he doesn't msg u. Also, I love the maginet integration cause that's the only network thing I use when I want to mess with network atuffs

RE: EthOREnet - Splavacado100 - 06-22-2017

Oh fuck, It's going to be Capo tested. Also how was you afk trap?

RE: EthOREnet - Chibill - 06-22-2017

I might try my hand at making my own LAN

RE: Redoing of EthOREnet! - Splavacado100 - 07-14-2017

Bumping because of renewal.

RE: Redoing of EthOREnet! - Aerodynamic Brick - 07-15-2017

I like it, aero approved

RE: Redoing of EthOREnet! - Splavacado100 - 07-15-2017

Choose your addresses and DM me your request in Discord! 2 bit IP and 4 bit MAC. First come, first serve. I will reply back if your request is already taken.