finally going for teacher
So ive been here a while, and besides wanting to teach the newcomers the basics, i also want to teach the more complex stuff to builders, so they can be more
comfortable around optimizing cpus and think differently about the layout.

What is your in game name? (IGN): Koyarno

Why do you want to teach on the school server?: i help even though im not a teacher, so its just for them to know i like to teach and know the subjects well

In what 4 subjects in redstone do you believe you have knowledge of deep enough to be able to teach them well?: Binary (all systems), ALU's (can be any adder type of choice or just a mux), CPU components (and how they work together) and different memory systems

Besides that Pipelining concepts
- timings, stages and latches
- Hazards
- Branch prediction
- Data load/stores and caching

Let me know if you have time Tongue
Bump Heart
1. teach me pl0x
2. accepted.
Accepted ofc!
I definitely vouch for Koyarno. He taught me a lot of shit about how methods such as pipelining and superscaling are commonly implemented in a CPU, as well as the logic behind using furnaces and comparators to create devices that use hex. He was the only one on the server who could explain it clearly and understandably, one of the best teachers on ORE in my opinion. 
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