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(11-11-2017, 10:01 PM)Digitalis Wrote: This rule either seems pointless or indicative of a shift in ORE's rule system which appears to go against the previously highly held value of free speech.

In the former case, it's just a clarification of an existing rule which was cited at the top of the post. If this is the intention, then I have no real problems with it, although it does widen the grey area which ORE operates on.

In the latter case, I would like to know what provoked this decision and who exactly was making purposefully derogatory statements. The way ORE has always worked (at least during my stay on the server) is that the rules act more as guidelines for the admins to judge if an event is ban-worthy. If this is no longer the case, then this rule seems to act as a more stealthy way of introducing a harsher moderation upon ORE's chat, which I find to be unnecessary; if being inclusive was part of the goal at any point in the past, why was this rule not introduced during one of the times it was actually needed, for example back when Maze and Sadie were the subject of a lot of drama?


-Why? What provoked this?

-Are the ways the rules are enforced changed?

So I literally read about this rule change like 2 minutes ago and I'm in full support of it. I think you're overreacting about this whole "free speech" delusion - being hateful towards other players has always been against the rules, as I see it, this is just a clarification by the staff on what is punishable, and the existence of the rule in writing is to deter such behaviour. I'm pretty sure that before the change, none of the staff thought it was OK to attack a specific group of people with a derogatory term, and this is just a clarification. Correct me if I'm wrong, staff.

But yeah, thumbs up from me.
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welcome to the new styms
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If you want people to realise new rules id actually make the /rules command available to everyone, and before anyone says "well its just common sense", knowing the past of ore chat and what people have got comfortable with saying, new visitors thinking its ok to say the n-word, common sense might be different now than what it was before the rule...

Just a suggestion

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so does this mean i can't call slug a "foken brit" anymore?
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This may fix- and ruin- things for everyone. Thank you. We have to wait on how the rest of the community reacts to this...
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