Teacher application
What is your in game name? (IGN): Marwenn

Why do you want to teach on the school server?: becouse i like to teach people in such a way that they dont need me or anyone anymore, that way they can get the best teachers, themselfs and explore and find new ways of doing things, instead of reliying on other people to do their shit.

In what 4 subjects in redstone do you believe you have knowledge of deep enough to be able to teach them well?: binary,adders of all kind,ALU´s,gates
//A Blue Cat With No Fur
good, talked bunches.
He taught several people a bunch of stuff and is definitely verifiable, Toxic, Superhero, maxshoe13, etc.
Approved for teacher rank, passed trial....
Email me with all your worries at:
(yes that is legit, and yes it will ping my phone if u email it)

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