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#PreyForParis - zSwifty - 11-15-2015

Sad we <3 france
fuck off ISIS, you suck, france are innocent.
who ever replies #preyforparis gets a <3, <3 u france!

RE: #PreyForParis - LordDecapo - 11-15-2015


RE: #PreyForParis - iprofuzzysbruv - 11-15-2015

yes i agree with you we should sent an atom bobm there way (To ISIS)

RE: #PreyForParis - jonay2000 - 11-15-2015


RE: #PreyForParis - josh03222 - 11-15-2015

did you mean: #PRAYForParis? Because PREY=what you eat. PRAY=Hope for.

And, #DropAnNBombOnIt

Also, ISIS isn't a place. It's an organization. Most is in the middle east, agreed, but it's EVERYWHERE. U.S., Paris, England, so on.

Also, it wasn't even ISIS! It was the Al Qaeda.

RE: #PreyForParis - Mar_Win - 11-15-2015

#PreyForParis is not even punny ._.

Also, #PrayForParis

By the way:
ISIS claimed responsibility:

They are other sources as well if you aren't comfortable with CNN.

RE: #PreyForParis - Hastumer - 11-15-2015

Guys. Yes, okay, what happened there is bad. I feel really sorry for those, who lost their family/friends there. But have you ever looked at Syria? Lybia? Iran/Iraq? Ever? Over there a lot more people die/died already. But nobody cares for them. I think, you shouldn't only be sad for countrys in Europe.

RE: #PreyForParis - VoltzLive - 11-15-2015

Moved to proper subforum.

RE: #PreyForParis - PabloDons - 11-16-2015

(11-15-2015, 04:51 PM)iprofuzzysbruv Wrote: yes i agree with you we should sent an atom bobm there way (To ISIS)

Dude like wtf? Egypt, Irak, Syria, etc. They are all in the middle of a fucked up civil war. Bashaar al-assad, Sisi, etc. are literally killers of their own people, ISIS is pissed off because countries like US, France and Russia are selling a shit ton of weaponry to these corrupt leaders. They are definitely crazy people, but at least I understand their frustration. Nations should attempt to stop this war, instead they see it as a nice way to make profit. Egypt's debt shot up to like 4 times as much as before the civil war. Both sides are at wrong right now, France for their bullshit business and profits, and ISIS for their killing. If you're looking for the "good" side, it's definitely not either France nor ISIS.

Oh and for the record, the media is currently focused to portraying ISIS as the "bad guys" here, with their cover up of the countless deaths happening on the hands of their own leaders. Once again has media been a piece of shit and altered people's perspectives for their own profits. #prayforlife should be the real hashtag, not #prayforparis

RE: #PreyForParis - greatgamer34 - 11-16-2015

[Image: 12249874_996285197061519_545712764478242...87da2c3872]