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Member of the server - Diedericque - 03-06-2015

Minecraft name: Diedericque
What do you like the most about redstone?: The speed and diversaty of red-counters.
What's a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?: VWV-TNT-L Show 2015 v2.
What does it do?: It is capable to launch over a thousand fireworks a second (not demonstrated yet) and can be active on 8 seperated lines which can be controlled independantly from each other.
Image and/or video, from or
Do you agree with the rules?: Yes.

RE: Member of the server - Nickster258 - 03-08-2015

While this is fancy, it is a different type of Redstone. This is more timing-based redstone than the computational side that we focus on.

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RE: Member of the server - Diedericque - 03-08-2015

It disappoints me though that you have to deny this even as the server isn't very popular.
You were about to have an new member who was capable to break world records such as most fireworks launched in 8 minutes, which can be over more than 208 times a second...
I only need a server which would accept me from having 240 visitors, watching this epic show, completely with live streaming, countdown and explosive ending.
VWV-TNT-L Show 2016 will be constructed on another server, thank you for your attention.

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RE: Member of the server - Nickster258 - 03-08-2015

We can't change our ways and the Redstone on which this server was founded.

This redstone, quite frankly, is not our type.