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RE: IizRr13? - Back_and_Black1 - 01-28-2015

can you just keep the old one and start the new one.... in the end have two?

RE: IizRr13? - LordDecapo - 01-28-2015

I am doing that. I never delete old versions. if I have taken a CPU project off of build, I immediately put it on a private server so I will have it as reference if needed.. I have about 7-8 old old versions of the CPU backed up on there.
this new one will just be built on the plot beside the current one, may shift that since r12 is in the middle of a 3x3 plot area.. put that in the corner of area, then just work on new one in middle.

RE: IizRr13? - Back_and_Black1 - 01-29-2015

ok yeah that sounds good

RE: IizRr13? - LordDecapo - 02-04-2015

UPDATE: I have built some of my inst decode system, some RAM. And some other stuffs, but I am slowing down on building so I can better plan the layout and optimize the decoding further.
Mainly this will include me changing up how some instructions are handled and moving the RAM,... again.
as I really don't like how it is sitting now, and it wastes ticks with its current setup

RE: IizRr13? - Magazorb - 02-07-2015

Just do it, it's not like you'll regret it once it's done Big Grin

RE: IizRr13? - LordDecapo - 02-07-2015

Lol so true. And I have been debating something about the instruction fetching... John, Dylan, Tuchi and I have wanted to write longer programs, like Pokémon Battles, Mandelbrot (sp) sets, and other slightly longer programs.
so I have decided to add back 1 stage. Since given the 8 tick clock, having a good amount of code lines able to be fetched from, is a small amount. But if I give myself 2 stages to fetch code, it will give me a slight branching delay (not much, still like 48% faster them before in IizR12). Yet I should be able to have like 512-1024 lines of PROM hopfully.
Will be working on that after I get off at noonish

-fixed "mandelbrot" - John <3