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RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-09-2015

both, if you multiply by 1 it adds, but if you have a multiplier of 9 it will add that number 9 times, 5 times to the top adder using 5 2-tick pulses and 4 times to the bottom adder using 4 2-tick pulses, each input has 2 ticks between them so it looks like this.

[Image: cjOdI6w.png]

But if you wanted to just add with it you can, each digit can carry a full 10 over so it can handle the largest possible multiplication, I think i've actually thought of a way to make an analog divider using something similair to how i split the multiplier evenly. I still need to add a layer for subtraction to make it do 3 of the 4 operations. so far it's just add and multiply.

RE: Decimal Multiplicative Adder - Apocryphan - 02-09-2015

Numbers were off since i forgot to include the 2 tick pauses, 18 ticks total input for 9 multiplier, although i could condense it and split it again reducing it to a 12 tick but wouldn't be cost effective IMO. But i may make a small one just for the fuck of it when im burnt out on the other projects, but i better finish my word first or else lorddecapo may crack the whip again.