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Project List - Koala_Steamed - 02-20-2014

I'm one of those people that gets distracted easily, i tend to start a project or concept and never end up finishing them. Either that or i take 6 months to complete it.

Here is my current project list, maybe if i list them i will be more inclined to finish some.

(These aren't necessarily projects that i'll be completing on the ORE server)

Minecraft Calendar/Clock: Including, date, time, day of the week, months, years (including leap year changes) & moon positions. Trying to get everything displayed on a small 1 pixel (3x5 screen for each character).

Serial analog to 16 bit 4x4 1 pixel display: Running at 20 bits per second, the screen updates every 800ms.

Word Processor: Using a stand alone monitor with 50 character display 16 bit input. "CPU" with a binary serial input as well as serial analog input and parallel binary input. With Ram & rom storage being able to save and load word files. Keyboard with letters numbers symbols capitals as well as functions keys like arrows and such. The letters are converted into ASCII serial binary down a single line into the CPU.
Video testing out some of the functions
Video of my segment display

Diablo style RPG map [CMD]: I actually spent a lot of time on this but i stopped working on it. I was using command blocks and a NBT editor but then minecraft updated to a newer version. Had something like 40 different custom mobs. Different player classed with skill trees ect. Not sure if i'll ever continue this...

Chicken Hunter mini game (moorhuhn) [CMD]: Simple game killing chickens falling from the sky, might try make them fly sideways not sure. Pretty much like the game, you get more points for killing the harder birds at the back. After the time limit is up score is tallied up. Aim is to beat the high scores.

Compact 3 wide analog decimal adder: Trying to make an added that sits under a 3 wide numerical 7 seg display and can be tileable 4 wide

Pretty sure i have a few others i'm working on but i can't think of them at the moment. Hopefully you guys can help me along the way to getting some of these done haha