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Stricter plot perms - EEVV - 07-20-2020

Make it so that untrusted people cannot interact with your plot (only flick levers or basic things).
If they want to change something they can copy to their plot and change it.

ORE did the same with the whole ptrust with WorldEdit over the concerns that someones plot could be reset, my concern is similar because if you destroy a single dust in a CPU it breaks it and requires length debugging. So in a sense destroying a dust in a CPU can have the same effect as //set 0 on it since you will need to rollback (gl finding the issue).

My best analogy for this is if you have a github repository like the rust compiler and you let a random github member edit the code and push it upstream. No, instead they must fork (copy to local) which they can change and do pull request. GitHub is still open source (to answer the "well it doesn't make openredstone open anymore"). Same with OldBuild -> Build: you copy stuff if you want to change smth...