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ORE 1.15.2 - PaukkuPalikka - 04-12-2020

Hello everyone,
it's ORE, and welcome back to another episode of Breaking The Server our redstone server network ! Now 1.15.2 !
After months of rumors about staff being lazy (ikr) and Staff having deleted all the minecraft servers, it's finally here and functional.

What's New? nothing
  • The survival map has been reset. Enjoy getting stung by bees : )
  • Dynmap is Back ! for the time being
  • Goodbye play crashes! that's not a challenge Our new PatchORE plugin contains new and old fixes that prevent, among other things, Evil Enchants (eg. level 30k RIPtide tridents), Shitty Spawneggs (level 420 explosion power fireballs), and more.
  • There is now a new plugin on school and build called RedstoneTools. As of right now, the only new command is //rstack (//rs for short). See below for a brief explanation of how to use it.
  • Capo was banned, as decided unanimously by Staff and the Rest Of The Community.
That's about it, thanks for watching.
- ORE Staff Team (minus capo cuz he's banned LOL)

Appendix 1: A small note on a few mods (my favorite:
OptiFine preview releases for 1.15.2 are out and seem to be working.
WorldEditCUI, if you're into that, is also available as a Fabric mod. (OptiFine on Fabric requires the OptiFabric mod. You may need the latest version from their GitHub)

Appendix 2: How To Use //rstack
(Be careful with this so you don't destroy anything accidentally. Overlapping stacked copies may cause improperly aligned redstone components to pop and //undo won't fix them. You might want to play around with the different options in a safe area first.)

This is like WorldEdit's //stack, but
  • allows the stacked copies to overlap (much like //paste -a)
  • supports more directions, in particular ones used in diagonal building orientations
  • has a flag for expanding the selection to cover the whole stacked area
Usage: //rstack [-e] [direction] [count] [spacing]

  • -e: when specified, the selection is expanded to cover the whole stacked area, including the original selection. Useful for eg. stacking memory in two dimensions
  • direction: Defaults to me (ie. the direction you're facing).┬áThe usual WorldEdit directions (prefer single-char abbreviations) should work. Additionally d or u may be appended to most directions to get a diagonal (in the y-axis) direction.
  • count: how many copies to stack. Defaults to 1, just like WorldEdit's //stack.
  • spacing: how far apart the copies should be stacked. Defaults to 2 due to that being quite useful in redstoning (stacking vertical builds, etc).

RE: ORE 1.15.2 - Trecar - 04-12-2020

That new stack command is like the best thing happening to ore since /slab ^_^

Also rip in pepperoni capo