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Remove or reduce minecart despawning - Wigglebot23 - 01-11-2020

This feature is to reduce lag. It does not prevent the ability to use minecarts to intentionally lag the server, nor lower it a lot. Minecart based BUDs, which can be used for instant wire, torch keys, traps, and laser security systems and are better that dust redirection based BUDs are broken by this. I made an instant wire design that uses it but it can not be made nearly as good as the ones that do not prevent despawning.
Although I can not think of any other examples, I know people have run into issues with despawning a lot. I feel it limits creativity.
Edit: Some people were saying minecarts being left can pile up overtime and cause lag. Some way to delete minecarts quickly would fix this issue.

RE: Remove or reduce minecart despawning - Nickster258 - 01-12-2020

We can always program in exceptions like checking if the cart is on/near wire, but we definitely like having the plugin. The issues it prevents overweighs the issues it can cause.

Other exceptions can be made also to better allow for this, but it could get finicky.