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How to become builder - IAmLesbian - 12-21-2019

How to become Builder
I see people asking about how to get Builder all the time, so here's a rundown of what you should know about the process.

Why should I care about getting promoted anyway?

If it takes work to get it, what makes it worth the effort?

  • Builders are given a plot with 4x the space of a normal school plot (You keep your school plot)
  • Builders are able to use world edit on Build and School

The Basics
Builder is the highest non-staff rank on ORE and getting it is a 2-step process:

     1. Submit an application here:
            a. Make sure to read the format thread to ensure your application contains everything required
            b. Failure to format it correctly, demonstrate sufficient redstone knowledge, or demonstrate maturity may result in the denial of your application.

     2. After your application is approved (a staff member replies to it saying your application has been accepted) then it is your job to find a staff member willing to do your trial.
            a. Trials are about an hour long, depending on how fast you build and how well you know the material covered it can be longer or shorter.
            b. Trials have 2 parts (sometimes both are done at the same time).
                There is a building aspect where you build the circuit you specified in your application, and a test part where you are asked questions to test your redstone knowledge.

Things to Know
Before jumping right into the process of being promoted to Builder, it is useful to know a few things:

     1. The material covered by the trial can contain any of the following

            a. Converting between binary and decimal (base ten or "normal numbers")    (i.e. 101[bin]->5[dec] or 13[dec]->1101[bin])
            b. Addition and Subtraction in binary                                                          (i.e. 1001+101=1110 or 100-11=1)
            c. How a half adder is built and how it works                                              (i.e. The sum is an xor between the 2 inputs)
            d. How a full adder is built and how it works                                               (i.e. The carry out is made up of 2 and gates running into an or gate)
            e. How an ALU is built and how it works                                                     (i.e. An ALU has 5 control lines: !A, !B, Cin, Bitwise OR, FC)
            f. How to perform addition, subtraction, and bitwise operations using an ALU (i.e. A-B requires !B and Cin)
            g. What 2's complement is and how to use it.                                             (i.e. The 2's complement of 0100 is 1100)

     2. Most of the time, you can find a builder online who is willing to help train and test your redstone knowledge.
         Don't deny yourself the chance to understand the material better.
         Also try working on the material with more than one person, sometimes things click better with a different teacher.
         Another thing, all of the approved builder applications are public on the forums, so feel free to have a look around to help understand the best way to format the application. AND

     3. During the trial you need to build a redstone circuit (whichever one was specified in your application).
         Most people go for an ALU but if you can build a different circuit that demonstrates similar redstone knowledge then feel free to use that one in your application (and during the trial) instead.
         If you go for a circuit that is stackable, then you can ask the staff member trialing you to stack it after you build the first bit.

     4. Don't be afraid to point out to staff that your application hasn't been approved or that you need a trial.
         Staff aren't perfect and it never hurts to let them know what you need.
         With that said, don't spam them either

     5. Failing a trial doesn't mean you can never get Builder, it just means you need to wait 24 hours before another attempt is made. (Your application doesn't need to be redone, just the trial)
         Same with a rejected application, you just rewrite it and let a staff member know.
         If you are rejected or failed, don't just attempt another time without reviewing the material or talking to someone.

If you have any questions, feel free to make a reply and ask.
With that said, I wish everyone luck on their quest to get builder and learn even more computational redstone!