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Application Builder - Natural_Power - 12-20-2019


I enjoy problem solving and playing Minecraft (I guess), I like how you can accomplish so much more with redstone then most people expect

So I have 3 binary projects so far (I orden from oldest to newest)
- Calculator V1.3 > This is in the server Ruinscraft, it's a 4 bit calculator doing addings A + B in which A and B are 0 to 4, it has a binary adding system which I designed myselve, but very slow and big, it also has a very bad display and an ANTI-SPAM device
- Calculator V2.0 > This is in ORE, It's a 5bit calculator doing addings A + B in which A and B are 0 to 9, it does binary addings(credit from adding module goes to MidnightLoli who shown me a smaller and faster version then I made myselve) and has a binary display, input system that can only have 1 number on at the time on A or B
- ALU RCA > This is in ORE, it's pretty obvious what this thing does, I need to give credit to: Tidal_Force > Teaching me how circle adding and adding negative numbers works, ClaMentos > Helping me build the device, Lukavanacker and Aminotreal > Fixing a bug in the system

I do agree with the rules and they're very clear

Extra: My plans if I get builder: Making a calculator like V1.3 and V2.0 which can also do - and x and as V3.1 also deviding and making an arcade game, I have a game simular to google dino on ruinscraft but this doesn't use a lot of binary and I wanna put my new knowledge to use to make a faster and better game

Application Builder - Koyarno - 12-21-2019

Accepted for trial! Hop on the server at and ask a staff member for assistance.