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Ban appeal - Heavpoot - 07-22-2019

IGN: AstroMan2015
Hello, I would like to appeal the permanent ban I have on my account.

I think it was for spam, but the reason just shows as "Reason >> none" now.

I was being incredibly toxic, and for that I apologize. This will not happen again.

Let me know if you want any more information.

RE: Ban appeal - PabloDons - 07-22-2019

The main thing staff looks for in an appeal is whether the risk of another incident is likely. Basically, convince me you've changed. You're saying it, but anybody can do that. I appreciate your apology, but you know how it is.

Please say more about what made you write and appeal, and why no incident will happen again

RE: Ban appeal - Heavpoot - 07-22-2019


Not sure exactly what I can say to convince you this won't happen again, the ban was a long time ago and I have changed.

That probably isn't enough, but I am not sure what else I can say...