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Pandas mod/ signal strength - Alex_you - 09-14-2018

FIRST SUGGESTION: I would like ORE to add panda mod. Reason why i think this is worth adding is because it would improve redstone quality for everyone and make cpu's less laggy. This isn't only limited to cpu's, it would reduce all updates dramaticly resulting in a less laggy server. There is a youtube video that demonstrates how it works and its benifits too. The only drawback of this mod is that it screws up update order which would only affect contraption that use instant tech WITH PISTONS. And since no one uses instant pistons on ore ... i think it would be perfect for our community. (Note that this doesn't mean that you can't use pistons anymore, it only means that contraptions that rely on update order will fuck up).

SECOND SUGGESTION: I would like ORE to add a plugin that somehow allows us (the players) to have more Signal Strengh to play with thus allowing more freedom in build and innovation. Im sure that most of you realized that the majority of minecraft cpu's are 8 bits and i believe its because people are limited by the signal strengh not reaching far enough... 15 signal strengh allows us to build most of the 8 bit contraptions right on the edge ... if we somehow had more signal strengh to play with (31 for exemple) we would be able to see 16 bits cpu's, and if we went up to 61 we would have 32 bits cpus and etc... Having more signal strengh would also allow us to make contraptions faster and has many other benifits... THE ONLY downside of adding more signal strengh would be lag but that could be solved if we combined this suggestion with my first one (panda mod).

If we added both of those suggestions, i believe that it would spark a lot of new motivations to build on ore to EVERYONE. Mojang ain't going to do shit to improve redstone or even less ... make a redstone update. THIS is why we must take action our self or we will always be limited by our current restrictions which is starting to lead to a dead end.

Pandas mod/ signal strength - Koyarno - 09-14-2018

Alex, please use the format

RE: Pandas mod/ signal strength - LordDecapo - 09-14-2018

Pandas mod doesnt work on servers, so we cant use it. Been asked about that before:/

Also, only 1 petition per thread, and you forgot to add a poll.

The added SS could be fun, a decent bit of redstone may bork, idk for sure tho.

RE: Pandas mod/ signal strength - konsumlamm - 09-14-2018

It would make 16 bit stuff easier, but i don't think that it should be added. ORE is about vanilla redstone and modifying the maximal SS makes it non-vanilla. Also, many contraptions would break. IF, then i could imagine this on a modded creative server, but then we could just get Project Red.

I would support the idea of a modded creative server with stuff like Project Red (which has wire with 255 SS btw), but i don't support just modding the signal strength on Build.

RE: Pandas mod/ signal strength - Koyarno - 09-15-2018

I'm all for quality of life updates ( like the hotbar swapping stuff) but these kind of updates just mess with vanilla and many would put this on the same cheaty path as commandblocks.
Logisim might be the better choice for people that find minecraft "too hard".