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A partially serious concern - Somepotato - 11-03-2013

Please, I'll give whoever manages this a thousand hugs, don't do what every other forum does: Fixed (tiny) max-width. If you love cheese, remove the max-width rule on the #container selector. Pleease Heart. The logo at the top will need to be a div element instead of just a picture( or even just centered ) but it's completely worth it!

RE: A partially serious concern - mort96 - 11-03-2013

but I like the max width D:

how many pixels wide would you suggest to have it? Or maybe use some fancy units like percent?

RE: A partially serious concern - Somepotato - 11-03-2013

If you simply remove the max-width it already has a set width: of 95% iirc, so it should auto adjust

Also, the field for IGN didn't save-- there's also no option for it in the ucp.